s s Clareisland 1915-1931

Built by:  Scotts of Bowling

Official No.:  136352
Yard No.:  257
Engines by:  Aitchison Blair Glasgow

Last Name:  GLENDUN (1931)
Port of Registry:  Belfast
Propulsion:  Triple exp 3cy machy aft.
Launched:  Wednesday, 28/07/1915
Built:  1915
Ship Type:  Coaster
Tonnage:  633grt 289nrt
Length:  180.5ft
Breadth:  28.6ft
Draught:  10 feet 8
Owner History:
John Kelly & Co Belfast
1915 Arthur Guinness, Dublin
1931 Antrim Iron Ore Co Ltd, Belfast
Status:  Wrecked – 15/02/1940 off Isle of Man whilst on voyage from Garston to Belfast.

Launched for John Kelly, but believed completed for Arthur Guinness & Co Dublin.